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Alan McLeod

Happy Lad at seven

Me, Stonehenge, 1970

Alan is apparently a Gen X-er who has hit 40. He lives in Ontario, Canada with his first wife, two... no, three kiddies and two cats... err... now, just cat #. The cats who were brought in as mousers for a former farmhouse home have long gone to their kitty rewards.

Alan is a fan. He supports the Greenock Morton, Arsenal, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Red Sox. The Morton and Arsenal won cups in 2003. Hopes are high for the Bosox.

Alan likes radio. He held the Trans-Atlantic record under the CIDX for some year like 1978 for AM radio reception, picking up and having verified an East German station. He was a bit of a nerd then.

Alan is now littered with letters - a BA, LLB and LLM - and once worked with and represented silverorange Where's ma Hairs??the fine purveyors of this natty bloggy system and its server space. He can be brought in for seminars and speeches on personal information protection and constitutional protections for autonomy for a fraction of the cost of the other guys.

Alan is a lapsed basketball player, Mason, protestant, homebrewer, grass mower and stamp collector.

Me - Baldy heed, July 2002