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Evan Rail

Evan Rail is our man in central Europe and the author of CAMRA's Good Beer Guide: Prague and the Czech Republic, a guide to the beers of his adopted home. Read more about Evan here.

Knut Albert Solem

Our man in Norway. Read his old blog about beer and stuff as well as his new one about beer and stuff.

Alan McLeod

Your Editor

Alan is apparently a Gen X-er who has hit 40... err...44... err... 45... YIKES... 46 ... [ZOW-WEE!!] 48... jessh, now 51... and edits and writes about other stuff at his personal website Gen X at 40. Please email Alan or any of the authors at this blog's gmail account - please write if you want to join the ranks of authors of this site or just want to send in a story on your favorite beer or photo of your regular pub.