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Albany Ale Project

Albany Ale Definitions
Words used in relation to Albany Ale.
Albany Ale Timeline
A general lumping together chronologically of known references to Albany Ale.
Albany and Related Brewers and Breweries
A list to be completed of known brewers and maltsters related to Albany. A work in progress.
Albany Taverns and Inns
A few references to early taverns in Albany.
Hop Cultivation in 1878.
From the Scientific American, 1878.
NY Hops In 1880s
From Hop culture in the United States: being a practical treatise on hop growing in Washington territory from the cutting to the bale by Ezra Meeker, William Appleton Lawrence, 1883.
Thomas Read and Son, Strong Pale Ale, 1835
A first stab at a receipe based on the information sworn 11 May 1835 as set out in the Report of the Select Committee... on the Memorial of Sundry Inhabitants of the City of Albany, in Regard to the Manufacture of Beer.
What Do We Mean By "Albany"?
There was brewing in Albany from at lest the 1640s. It refers to both a city and a county. But what have been the limits of Albany through time?