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We like money around here. Unlike those US or UK based bloggers, forums and magazines we don't get too many samples to try out due to border restrictions. We also have to travel even to shop for new and interesting beer, the local suppliers being in love with old and uninteresting brews for the most part. You can express yourself as a Friend of A Good Beer Blog by sending a beer or two's worth of chump change via paypal:

We also encourage continuing support from patrons and sponsors. Sort of like public television or NPR, folks can forward their support which we put to good use in the cause of beer. Think about it. We can talk.

We also take advertising from quality pubs, fine beer shops, suppliers to the trade, crafty craft brewers and those tiny magazines a handful of people read...and Guinness. Definitely Guinness - as long as it involves a huge amount of money and I got to quit my job and could wear a t-shirt that said "I sold out to Guinness." Because I like Guinness most of the time. Otherwise, we are offering a small number of hand-made ads for reasonable rates for the sorts of beery folk we write about.

What is in it for you? We are reaching 1500 to 2000 unique visitors 3300 to 4200 times a day now and rank #1 in the world of Google for "beer blog" as well as top 50 for just the one word "beer". In Canada we rank ahead of Molson and just behind Guinness. In 2007, we had 1,187,900 separate visits with 2,763,604 page views around this here blog, up 42% from 2006. Did I mention I would tattoo my head with your logo? Well, OK...I'll have to think about that one.

So send an email to beer blog HQ by clicking here if you want to become a patron or an advertiser.