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Jeff Alworth -

For about a decade, Dems in Oregon rolled out proposals for massive hikes on the beer tax (1000%), which would make it one of the highest in the country. In liberal Portland, pols are used to a hail of accolades for proposing new taxes. Of course, they were wrong, and eventually learned that beer is sacrosanct. The politics of the tax were terrible.

Obama, on the other hand, tries to appear with a beer in his hand whenever he can. The optics of beer make for fun politics.

Alan McLeod -

Sadly, the spam war is back. Someone has figured out the filter but they only start spamming after the first comment. 225 spam comments overnight. Which is great when dealing with drunken dolts. But not for good conversation, Jeff. Tax on beer does not seem to be a real issue in Canada, Jeff. We are soaked but I swear we are taught booze budgeting skills in Canada. Labels have said "union made" for over 80 years and in some provinces it says "health tax included." Which makes the problem also the solution.