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pyo -

I'm fine with the principle of trying to moderate your consumption, its just the methodology that troubles me. If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, then just drink one beer less each night, or go out one night less each week. Its not like its difficult - is it?

Drinking too much 11 months of the year and then taking 1 month off is like driving like a maniac 11 months of the year and then refusing to get in a car in January to reduce your statistical annual chances of an accident back down to normal levels.

Alan -

I think I am in agreement with you on the 11 month thing. But Pete describes it as an annual cycle for him, not 11 consistent months after one dry. For me it's become not one less beer a night but how many beers a month... every month. I am still interested in the aspects surrounding beer like history, economics and congeniality. It's just that the merry-go-round of craft has bored me to this point that they better earn my attention. Maybe it's the opposite of Boak and Bailey's new rule. Maybe I'm on a partial boycott until the marketplace gets saner.

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