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Walter Lenckos -

Great comment. We are seeing the same thing in Northwest Indiana now. There has been such saturation of craft breweries and nano-breweries that it is the new "normal" to see their taps next to MGD and Coors Light.


Thomas Cizauskas -

The 'main-streeting' of 'craft' beer. At which point, the quotation marks may also become superfluous.

Alan -

The word "craft" will too. It will be just beer made by the producer once it is well understood that there is no umbrella, no category any more than there is one called "premium"

Ethan -

"Like" I am much more interested in seeing cans of The Whale in my local taverns, inns and corner-bars than in the fancy-pants places. Because it is in those establishments that the beers not the thing- but good quality beer should still be available in your local Third Space.

That said, I don't think "beer" bars are going anywhere, and I wouldn't want them to. There is equally a place in the world for the snifter, the bourbon-barrel aged whatever, and the upscale experience.

Nothing mutually exclusive about those two ends of the spectrum of beer, to me.

Alan -

I want the Whale in my hometown. You will be pleased to know that once consensus after the weekend in TO was that we should have tried B-lo instead. Or returned to Montreal.

Beer bars are like cocktail bars and the recurring fad for kids dancing to big band music that comes around every 15 years. They will morph but like any wave of interest, it will wane just as it waxed.

Ethan -

And wax and wane and wax again; totally fine with me if so, so long as the demand for fresh, quality & local/regional beer doesn't abate wherever it is drunk, I can feel ok about life.

B-Lo beers are ascendant alright, we got two breweries opening this spring/summer and one brewery pub what just did. Excelsior!

Alan -

I need to get to see a AAA baseball game there this summer.

Ethan -

That can certainly be arranged, in style even- with some advance notice!