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Stan Hieronymus -

Today, we don't expect to buy cars made in our own local communities. Why would Ontarians of 1890 or 1949 care any more whether their beer was local?

I depends on how you view beer. If you think of it as a local food product then you have one set of expectations. If you are basing your buying decision it on some sort of perceived quality/price ratio then your answer might be different.

Alan -

I think you are circular without the last sentence. One's view of beer is based on other things like your pre-existing preferences for ideas like local. If we exchange local with handmade, you can see that a pre-existing preference for that influences car and beer preferences.

I am not sure what you mean buy "some sort of perceived quality/price ratio" as you don't attach it anything to it. My answer might also be different if I am Swiss or an alcoholic.

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