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Gordon Dobie -

Sounds like you had a great time in bonnie Scotland; I'll try to be there next time! Beer-related question: how strong are craft beers in the US and Canada usually? Are they not in that general 3.8-5.0 range?

Alan -

Higher, Gordon. Anything under 5% is suspect in Canada and, for at least since "craft" superseded "micro" maybe 7 years ago, good beer seems to mostly lay north of that. Until very recently the focus was 8 to 10%. The relative ease of making heavy beer plus the cover for knuckleheaded drinking by fine beer fans led us down a wicked way.

Velky Al -

did you get to try any Cromarty stuff? magnificent beer.

Gordon Dobie -

In Scotland that kind of strength would be considered "tramp's beer", used to get hammered quickly and without caring about the consequences.
An interesting difference, and one to beware of should I make it across the pond.

Alan -

Not so different. Plenty of hung over craft fans after fests and "tastings". Sadly, too many of the low alc alternatives are clumsy messes. I am considering adding water to my beer to make them more reasonable.