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Velky Al -

Other than who controls the process, is there really that much of a difference between genetic modification, hybridisation, and natural selection?

Alan -

Natural selection never made yeast taste like bubble gum or mango. Nature has some standards.

Velky Al -

Ferment Weihenstephan's weizen yeast too hot and you'll get bubble gum.

Alan -

You'll get something that is something like some kinds of bubblegum. But in the FUTURE beer SCIENTISTS will give us both JUICYFRUIT and WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT gum yeasts.

That will be great.

Velky Al -

You forget that I am one of the world's beer curmudgeons. I will be in the corner of the bar supping my cask bitter safe in the knowledge that CAMRA will have no truck with such dumbassery.

Alan -

I am NOT accepting anyone claiming to trump me at grouch. I am such a beer grouch that I am drinking wine. BTW, heading to the old country this summer. Any hints on the Largs to North Berwick axis?

Velky Al -

I'll be home this summer as well, for 3 weeks, though more in the Inverness to Uist part of the world. I you're in Glasgow, I assume that's where you're flying into, then you should check out WEST, a German brewpub, owned by a Bavarian lady called Petra.

I am looking forward to trying the new McEwans beers now they are owned by Wells and Youngs, as well as stuff from the following:

Fyne Ales
Cromarty Brewing
Black Isle Brewing

And I might visit a distillery or two.