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Pivní Filosof -

It is funny, just when some Irish personalities are throwing a tantrum about what it's basically a marketing event, the Czech brewers association has come up with a made-up holiday "Czech beer day", which was celebrated yesterday and had the same goal, get people drinking. All while Oktoberfest, which can't be said to promote moderation, is in full swing.

So, I wonder, who's got a healthier relationship with alcohol? Or is it just that what those Irish notables want is to get on the populist horse?

The Beer Nut -

There are a few things going on in this. Arthur's Day is only four years old, so weaker than the more established drinking holidays. There's the familiar "debate" around alcohol, and the neo-prohibitionists have seized on Arthur's Day as a nucleation point for their campaign. Arthur's Day in Dublin last year really was a public order disaster but I think it was quieter this year.

Neither Diageo nor the neo-pros come out of it well. That's why craft beer has mostly ignored it all.