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Craig -

Don't be fooled by faux-altruism.

I hate to say this, but the farm brewery thing wasn't very well thought out. Both brewers and farmers—and anybody else who's involved with it is starting to realize that the infrastructure isn't in place yet for everything to get off the ground. Not to mention the farming challenges. There simply isn't enough barley or hops grown in New York—and won't be for years—in order to make the set quotas. One of the big issues is that NY wheat farms aren't willing to take the risk on growing barley. And who could blame them?

Worse yet, and as politicians are apt to do, they're not listening to either the growers or brewers. Very, very little research was done by the administration prior to the proposal of the farm brewery license. The requirements that are needed to obtain a farm brewery license are not realistic, and the administration doesn't seem to want to adapt their imposed numbers.

What I fear the most, having worked with the Cuomo administration, is that this is all for the sound-bite. A showy-show which leaves participants out in the cold when it comes down to it. I think the Cuomo administration saw an opportunity to associate themselves on a popular trend, and if it works out for the brewers and the growers, great, if not, oh well, the administration got what it needed.

I hope it works out, but I'm very skeptical of anything like this that Cuomo is involved with.

Alan -

Ah, NY politics. I love it and, yes, the administration has a habit of big talking but moving from banned to even unrealistic is huge move. And places like this are willing to try to work within the law. There are still going to be loads of issues but if this was legal here I might be buying a farm.

Alan -

PS: keep in mind, this is what a bad idea can look like.

Alan -

Here is some smarty pant background info: Cornell, WSJ, the law.

Craig -

I'm sure some good will come of it—both for the brewers and farmers. But most of the good will go to Cuomo. As usual.

dave -

So the NY farm brewery bill (paraphrased) says "any brewery with this license can only use NY produced ingredients (barley, hops, apples, etc), unless a natural disaster, act of God, or continued adverse weather condition has destroyed much of the necessary ingredients for brewing beer/cider, which then the commissioner of agriculture and markets will say, on or before August twentieth, how much non-NY produced ingredients a farm brewery can use for the next year."

So if galaxy hops (or any new hop) are not grown in NY, these farm breweries can not use them?

Also the link for "hire that many staff" does not go anywhere.

Alan -

Fixed the link, Dave. Helps actually putting in the link.