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Velky Al -

Dubious quotes from Ben Franklin surely qualifies, or and the 'fact' that IPA was brewed stronger and with more hops to survive the trip to India.

Alan -

But that's not in the service experience, the way we experience beer. For example, the stiff posture of the waiter who is seemingly braced against the phoney fact flow of a beer nerd.

Velky Al -

would selling a pint of something macro like Guinness for the same price as a locally made 'craft' stout qualify as a no-no?

Alan -

But should local be more like the US or more as in US? The idea of nonsensical pricing one beer relative to another is exactly the thing, however. Smacks of "life style choice" - as in the brewery's executives' life style.

Martyn Cornell -

Hmmm - while we certainly get the over-intrusive "how's everything going?" here in the UK, it's not yet been my experience that the wine waiter can\'t be stopped from telling me about malolactic fermentation, let alone that the beer sommelier needs to inform me exactly what hop farm the Styrian Goldings in my Saison came from – or maybe I'm not going into restaurants that are high-end enough ...