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Brian J. Papineau -

Today? PR "events" like the one you wrote about are commonplace-but you know that-and the craft beer marketing jerks (in Ontario at least) sure act alot like regular beer reps. Some of them are cool, but they're a minority.

Leigh -

For me it jumped when the first 'boutique/crafty' beer appeared in my neighbourhood.

The Professor -

Good beer will never jump the shark. The term "craft beer" jumped the shark a while ago, when a lot of newbie brewers began jumping on the bandwagon to open new breweries that ultimately turning out (in many cases) some pretty mediocre and occasionally downright lousy beer...which is pretty remarkable in itself considering how easy it is to make beer.

Well made, distinctive beer has already become mainstream.
I guess the term "craft beer" is still harmless enough...and as a marketing term it has probably been kept alive in an effort to maintain some snob appeal (and to justify high prices???LOL.). But judging from conversations I've heard in my travels, I'm beginning to get the impression that in some quarters, the term "craft beer" is actually looked upon as a consumer warning.
Now THAT is kind of sad.

Stephen Beaumont -

Oh, Mr. McL, you have committed an unpardonable journalistic sin: Condemning that which you have not experienced. Booze-flavoured cigars are not uncommon, good sir, and since Utopias is a particularly strong beer, there is nothing about the cigar that is: a) wrong; b) unusual; or c) by simple definition worthy of scorn.

The Utopias cigar may suck, or it may be great. Neither you nor I will know until we try it, and to condemn it and, by extension, craft beer in general simply because of its existence is a step too far, my friend.

Alan -

Oh dear. I had no idea your manners were so coarse and your understanding so blinkered. Me, I will continue to smoke cigars as Jesus would, flavoured only by the tropical sun and the handling of our brothers and sisters on Caribbean shores.

Stephen Beaumont -

Coarse and blinkered though I may be -- by your confused standards, at least -- I will steadfastly refuse to condemn products until I have experienced them. Hell, I've tried cake-flavoured vodka, Mike's Hard Lemonade Shandy and Bud Light Platinum, fer cryin' out loud!

Alan -

I feel your pain but, as you can imagine, not only is no man an island but no one consumes all things. We may have to apply discretion, experience and intelligence from time to time in addition to the full capacity of our digestive tracts.

Thomas -

As much as I agree with Stephen's point, the thought that occurred to me is if someone wants to licence and use a product as a selling point in cigars or anything else, does it really mean that product jumped the shark? Now if Boston Beer Co released the cigars I'd be more inclined to agree. We have a small cupcake company locally that uses breweries beers in their cupcakes, I don't think it dilutes their brands.

Alan -

There are a number of examples there which create a scale. I guess one thing that would weigh against something for me is the taint upon assertions of integrity due to the PR pong. Don't hold yourself out as craft and brand at one time. Plus it's just high holy cheese in this case. Have some self respect.

This is different from Mr B defense of the teachings of the licentious followers of Epicurus. I am not an rebel Epicureanist so we are not likely to agree on these sorts of matters.

Dan -

"Craft" is not a brand.

Never was.

Alan -

Craft is a brand.

Always has been.

[...now that was invigorating...]