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ethan -

Boards of Canada:

Alan -

Yes, we have that sort of issue. Supply protection is pretty foundational in Canada. When the Hessian fly ripped through the Great Lakes after the Am Rev, the Brits brought in grain while CNY had a famine. Our pioneers got free land and other resources if they passed the test and were allowed to settle. Old school Tory paternalism's better side.

Jeff Alworth -

I dunno, 1% seems huge, no matter how many caveats you throw in there. It doesn't exactly make Canada a beer-based economy, but given all the products produced there, that ain't bad.

Alan -

I bet that does not take into account the export malting trade either. After all, 70% of the ingredients in 80% of US beer is Canadian. How anyone gets away with "local" is beyond me.

ethan -

Where does that figure come from, Alan? I don't doubt it--I'm looking at a bag of Canadian 2-row right now--but I do think US brewers use quite a lot of American Briess for base malt as well.

Alan -

Oh, I made it up.