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Simon H Johnson -

The geometry of the can may make marginal difference to the taste. But it will sure garner plenty of free advertising for the beer's release.

Well played, Sam Adams.

Ben -

Yeesh. I hate this fluffy marketing junk. Who cares about can design? Can you really vastly improve the container from which I'll pour my beer into a glass? If it's sealed, keeps light out, and can be refrigerated, I'm sure it works just fine.

If this turns into the same type of shenanigans the glass-shape discussion has taken lately I might start drinking directly from the keg from now on.

Velky Al -

Rather than spending the money fannying about with the design of cans - I mean, really how much of a bloody difference does a design make, and the cynic in me is convinced 'subtle' really means 'barely perceivable' and is yet another example of the Emperor's New Clothes craze that sweeps beer with monotonous regularity - perhaps it would be better to invest in a package that doesn't destroy the environment in the same way as aluminium extraction does?

Perhaps I am being curmudgeonly, not a bad feat for a chap not yet in his 40s, but there are days when I look forward to beer no longer being the fad booze de jour and I can go back to drinking it without the gimmicks, from a glass, in a pub.

JK -

Apparently, Ball (the can manufacturer) tried to sell a similar "tear off top" that Sly Fox is using (mfg. by Crown) to BBC's Jim Koch for his new Samuel Adams can design, as noted in a Boston Globe story (2/16/13) on their new can design:

"But there were problems: the tear-off top violated litter laws in most states. And the gaping opening made people nervous. They were worried about cutting their nose or lip on the edge, afraid of bugs flying inside, or the drink spilling."

from http://www.boston.com/business/innovation/2013/02/16/sam-adams-now-finally-can/7or2P9nNby90ONjTgVF9yI/story.html

Alan -

Seems I am not alone in being cranky about such matters!

dave -

"no longer being the fad booze de jour and I can go back to drinking it without the gimmicks, from a glass, in a pub" and no need to blog about it either :)

I'm slightly interested in the can... try it at least once, and I'm pretty sure it will be a bit of a conversation when first brought out a summer outing.

Velky Al -


And stop being a moany git?

<hyperbole>I'd end up like Father Jack most likely!</hyperbole>

dave -


(I think most of us would if we couldn't blog, or comment on said blogs, about beer.)

Ron pattinson -

Yeah, I'm all nostalgic for when beer, flat caps and old-fashioned pubs were inseparably linked. It's when the middle class got interested in beer that it all went wrong.