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pintsandpubs -

I like the idea of hiding stuff from yourself, for the enjoyment of picking out a forgotten bottle from the back of the pile. But for me 'buy and forget' has led to too many bottles of beer going past their best. Clearly, I'm cellaring the wrong kinds of beer and need more Fuller's Vintage etc

Thanks for contributing

Alan -

Nothing back there is under 8% as I recall. Or already sour. Helps that my cold room is long and narrow. I set traps for myself so I can't reach the back!

Gary Gillman -

I've tried storing various kinds of beers and learned a few things. First, the fridge almost never works, it's too cold. Even well-filtered beers throw a haze before long and taste wonky (i.e., past a few months).

Cool room temperature works well, but there is a characteristic "degraded" taste from oxidation I can recognize that I don't really like.

The sherry and port tastes people speak of are straight out spoilage as far as I am concerned. At best, a storage of a strong or acidic beer can't do it much harm but I doubt it improves the drink much.

As I result of this, I drink up fairly fast and therefore know what I have (pretty much) at any one time, I don't let it pile up. I think it's cool to lay stuff away, forget or half-forget what you have, and then wowee, but it's not my thing. Actually I wish I had done that with Ballantine IPA. :)