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Peter Collins -

I thought they were called session beers.

Pivní Filosof -

Session beer comes with an ABV limit, doesn't seem to be the case here. I'd call it "conversation beer", how about that?

Alan -

Plus, not sure I was a session of these. They are a little ordinary to sustain me for anything more than the meal. I don't hunt them out but am happy enough to see them on the menu.

Craig -

Two words, my friend. Genny Bock.

Chris -


Alan -

That's more like it. Better than safe, less than session.

Jeff Alworth -

A hundred years ago, Americans bandied the term "common" about. (I don't know if it was used north of the border.) It had a particular meaning for the day--I believe it had to do with distinguishing these beers from more polished, accomplished German-style pale lagers--which is no longer meaningful. But perhaps it could be refitted for your purposes. Common beer versus geek beer, say.

In that dichotomy, I would tend to drink more beers of the former category than the latter, and farm more of the former category than my beer geek brothers and sisters.