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Jeff Alworth -

I think you're right about tensions in the industry, but I don't think tax laws expose them. Craft breweries would probably prefer the preferential treatment their bill offers, but they're bottom-liners, and three fitty is three fitty. I'd bet my bottom dollar they'd be happy to sign onto the big brewers' bill if theirs foundered.

I think where the tensions will rise is in the way regulatory systems evolve and the extent to which distribution and sales can be "streamlined"--which puts bigger craft breweries in direct conflict with smaller ones.

Alan -

I don't know. Sam Adams loses 3.5 x $700,000 (and growing) if the Beer Institute's model wins the Federal excise tax arm wrasslin' contest. That is a lot of bottom line even if they do spend multiples of that on wacky lobbying, share repurchase and other soft things an actual small brewer would never pay for.

Jeff Alworth -

Unfortunately, it's exactly the kind of discussion that will never happen publicly. The bloggers are left to speculate. But what an interesting discussion it must be!

Alan -

See, you and me? We can read the tea leaves... or maybe the spent grains.