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Have you read The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer - A Rant in Nine Acts by Alan and Max yet? It's out on Kindle as well as Lulu.

Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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PEI Beer Guy -

Man... just another reason to seriously dislike this guy. Great shot.

Nitch -

Obama is the first American President to make drinking look mildy normal. Photos are all over the net. Bush or Clinton have always done the same as you stated- "displays all the zest of a kiss from your great aunt."
They are worried about how the act will effect their image. They aren't people.

Alan -

Surely not the first US president who aligned his drinking with norms. Some were leaders in the field of human endevor.