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Kurt Althof -

Interesting marketing twist on the popularity of IPA's in general. I too have wondered what all the hype is about. I like IPA's but I wouldn't say I love them and I agree balance is best. At least for my palate. I wonder if it isn't because craft brewers feel that in order to be a "real" craft beer they have to deliver HUGE flavors (often hoppy), ridiculous Alc/Vol, or some combination? Don't get me wrong I love a beer with flavor, even complex at times, which is why I love craft beer. But I don't need 9% alcohol, or something so hopped up that you can't taste anything else. Keep up the variety including IPA's industry. But we probably don't need many more of the IPA category.

Alan -

The next thing will take care of that. Whatever it is, there is always a next thing.

Chris -

I just find them unique. After your first glass of IPA, nothing else seems to equal the flavour of this beer. I agree with Kurt, 9% is too high for me too. The next big thing Alan? That is a tough one.

Kent Gregson -

Marketing. That's the deal. If you call it an IPA it'll sell more. People don't seem to remember that the Queen's brewers wanted to preserve the sailors beer enough to make it around the horn. Increased alcohol and hops did it. The brewers kept the flavor as close to the standard Pale Ale as possible to prevent mutinies. According to Beer Advocate the real savior of the fleet was the East India Porter since the IPA was for the officers while the sailors themselves drank porter. Hmm, East India Porter? I wonder how it compares to Dark IPA or Cascadian Dark? At Cooper's Cave Ale Company where I work we have an authentic English IPA and have added an American IPA. I don't think we'll be making any Belgian, red, session, dark or raspberry IPAs.

Alan -

Last night I had a Pretty Things KK 1901 and it was one of the great beer experiences of the year. Control of the succession of flavours was one element. I'd like attention to that to be part of the next big thing.