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Craig -

Pricy but Upscale. Isn't that two ways of saying the same thing?

Alan -

I dunno. I don`t know the scale of scale.

ethan -

I'm looking for a place that's more pricey but lowbrow- if I'm gonna pay 11 bucks for a pint, the bathroom had better reek and be covered in graffitti.

Ron pattinson -

I went to a Yardhouse in Boston last year. My idea of hell. You'd have to pay me to drink in it.

Steve Gates -

If $11 a pint is upscale then point me in the direction of someplace downscale.

The Raleigh Telegram -

To clarify since we wrote the article, there are some new places in Raleigh that are pricey but not exactly upscale. For example the new burger joint downtown that charges $11 for a burger and $4 for fries but has all the ambience of a 1970's small town airport waiting area complete with orange plastic seats. There is also a new fried chicken place that charges $12 for an inferior product to KFC that has a nice view of the bail bond office and a pawn shop. So what we're saying about Yard House is that it's really expensive and not really a place where you hang out with your buddies (as we mentioned World of Beer is next door) but maybe a good place to take a date or celebrate a special occasion that has a nice atmosphere. At least with the stainless steel bar, flame things out on the patio, and nice decor you can see where your money is going whereas at some other places you get charged a lot for a less than stellar dining experience. If you read the article we do mention that if you visit the Yard House you may want to go when they have half price food specials, etc. We hope that explains our article a bit. Thanks for the link and for reading our paper! The Raleigh Telegram

Alan -

That is a lot of implication behind the repetition of the one word but thanks for letting us know, oh great anonymous voice of a business.

Dave S -

C'mon! The repetition doesn't mean that much.
If upscale doesn't mean expensive, but maybe worth it, then it means aspirational. Also if its not really upscale, it may be pseudoaspirational.
It could be suckypoo... ?

Alan -

It's numbing. That's why it's not done in good writing. Unless it was code for "avoid this place like the plague" which to be fair I don't thing it was.