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Gary Gillman -

I have always felt this way, perhaps because I came to craft beer from a pre-craft environment. I know that good beer is made in small and medium and even large breweries, as is bad beer. Knocking large brewery beer is pointless: we all share something who love good beer and beer made in factories is beer just as "ours" is, because, to be frank, it delivers alcohol as all beer does and pleases a different kind of palate. Just as craft brew fans exhibit some pretty particular preferences, so do beer drinkers at large, in effect.

Nothing that sells in huge quantities can be explained away by advertising. People like Bud Light, and I don't consider them lesser because of it, they inhabit the beer world just as I do even though I almost never drink that stuff. And true enough, some, okay a lot, of mass market beer just tastes bad (to me), but a lot is decent (eg Labatt 50, Belgian Stella, Heineken, Amstel Light) or excellent (e.g. Pilsner Urquell, which is still better than any craft lager I know). And also, some of the more egregious flavours out there are just flavour of the month really, they aren't any more genuine than MGD, actually, and in some ways you can make the reverse case.

It's a big beer world, everyone who likes beer participates to a greater or lesser degree in an old tradition, enjoying a glass of beer for some R&R. I think of Charlie Papazian's injunction of all those years ago: "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew". The spirit of that recommends itself to parts of the current craft beer movement, IMO.


Velky Al -

I have to admit that I have not drunk beer in January for about 7 years now, for no other reason than I just like to take a break now and again. That first pint in February is alway lovely though.