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Jordan St.John -

Oddly enough, my mom called me this afternoon from the Barrack street store, as you would if your son was a beer columnist. She went home with Central City Red Racer, Propeller Imperial Stout and Some Amsterdam Big Wheel because, honestly, I think they've upped the hop content in it a little and I enjoyed the last one I had.

I tried to steer her towards Celebrator, but I think she had had it recently. She may have saved the little plastic goat.

Pivní Filosof -

Either beer is overpriced in your neck of the woods, or wine is overpriced in mine.

I don't know as much about wine as I know about beer, but with 10€ I can buy a decent bottle that'll be alright to take to a dinner party, but not much more than that. With that same money, I can buy a same sized bottle of some very, very good beers from Belgium, at least two same sized bottles from a local micro or several half litre ones, either local or from Germany. I'm afraid that when it comes to value, beer wins this one.

Alan -

Interesting. A Euro is about 1.35 Canadian dollars. In the same release, there was a Cotes du Rhone-Village for 16 bucks and a number of decent South American reds for less. And this is just the swanky selection. Here's the fancy pants web catalog. Something like this is much less.

Alan -

Jordan: there was no Red Racer at 8 pm. How many did mother buy???