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Pivní Filosof -

I've ranted about tastings (more than once), and I've even proposed a new model for beer tastings. All that said, I've come to the conclusion that they are nothing but very effective marketing tools that add nothing valuable to the culture of beer, quite the opposite, in fact.

But we'll have a chance to talk about this in more detail, I reckon

Gary Gillman -

Absolutely. Anything good invites comparisons, metaphors, especially two drinks such as beer and wine which have many similarities in production and social functionl. To deny the validity of this is to fall in the precincts of snobbism or reverse snobbism, IMO. Plus you enlarge your frame of reference. Champagne is bottled-conditioned for example, except the yeast is removed before final packaging. And so on.


Velky Al -

I can't remember exactly who said it, Evan perhaps, one night in PK - sounds about right, but apparently you can't really get a handle on a beer until you have had about 4 pints. While 'tasting' beer might allow you to pick out particular details of that particular batch of beer, surely it is only by drinking full pints over a few months that you can work out the most important thing about the liquid in your glass, whether you will drink more of it when the opportunity arises? One thing though that does bug my head, and I have seen far too many examples of this to think it rare, is the number of people who take a 2oz sample of a beer and then write a 'review' on certain websites advocating the rating of beer. You simply cannot review a drink on the basis of 2oz.