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Gary Gillman -

I like the part where Boorde said barley malt is superior to oat malt or any other corn (i.e., any other grain). Very true, then and now, IMO.


Ron pattinson -

I think you've hit the nail on the head. The use of coke in malting was prompted by the disappearance of wood for fuel.

Martyn Cornell -

Although 1642 is frequently given as the year that coke-dried malt was first made, I have never seen any actual evidence for that, only evidence, as I said here, that it was first made 'not above half a century of years" before 1693 - ie about 1643. But sun-dried pale malt must have been around for literally thousands of years: and if Odd Nordland, the great Norwegian brewing historian, found records of beer being made from sun-dried malt in Norway, you can bet it happened in England.

Alan -

And why wouldn't it? It is the easiest way to do things. Who sets up a more complex process to improve on a simple process? Regraters, that's who!

Jeff Alworth -

See, there is this idea that goes well beyond brewing history that somehow folk in the past were dim and ate poorly that casts a shadow on the idea that coke was introduced to make pale malt and while Jeff didn't speak to that, the temptation to reserve the clock and make chronology run backwards can be seen at play.

"Can be seen at play?" Not in my comments, it can't.

Alan -

You can't disobey chronology in one post's comments and deny in another!!!

But I was not referencing you, I was referencing the coke and pale malt myth and other such post hoc proptrr hoc tendencies. And I now got that typo fixed. Pesky thing.

Jeff Alworth -

Oh no! I've divulged my secret weakness, and now you can make me dance like a marionette.

Alan -

You and your anti-chronograph machine have no powers around here, buddy.