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Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Craig -

I am a personally a fan of my tapered 1/2 liter glass with the Community Beer Works logo on it, thank you very much.

Alan -

I like that logo. I like branding drawn by the brewer as opposed to a consultant.

leigh -

Totally agree with all; especially the 'beer is not fattening' headline. Dangerous.

Bailey -

What's weirdest is when people see a story like "beer isn't fattening" and say "Well, I knew that anyway." Not because they've carried out research, obviously, but because they like beer, and have *faith* in it.

(Oops -- suggesting there might be any downsides to beer is as good as joining a temperance movement and/or lobbying for prohibition, right?)

tandleman -

If beer isn't making you fat, you aren't drinking enough of it. Wake up and contribute.

Alan -

I blame democracy and economic parity. In the good old days when me and mine were oppressed servants and labourers, our betters insisted on long hours which kept us exhausted so that whatever good our meager food and drink gave us went to survival.

Alan -

Some wizards proudly skimp on actual nutrition in favour of beer. I was once in undergrad, too. Bet it works for cake as well.


Fattening story — it’s a bit like the red wine is good for you story, a lot of people still need these excuses (you know the ‘I deserve a treat’ and ‘a little bit is good for you’ rubbish — it’s just the infantilisation of our modern life). I’m all for drinking immoderately (in moderation of course) while everything is fattening if you have enough of it, even I suspect sushi. And as for Valentine’s, my wife can’t stand it, which is fine by me, nothing wrose than handing your wife a card over breakfast with the words guess who inside…

Craig -

Wait a minute—as a many time, and many topic, logo designer, I'm technically a consultant.

Alan -

I thought you were an employee! Surely not the galloping consultant seeking leads and networks, you.

Jeff Alworth -

It's especially fattening if you're drinking a 20-ounce glass of 7% IPA. A couple of those bad boys and you've had a third of your daily calories.

I get together with a group of middle-aged friends every week, and three of them are trying to lose weight. They all work out like bastards on Wednesdays to offset those evening calories. Given the modest health benefits of beer, they're probably way ahead of the game that way, but I doubt it's a common practice.

Alan -

I am trying to figure out my point, Jeff, but there is a space in the scale of frequency and volume of daily fluid intake where beer fits between litres of water and less than a tablespoons of steak sauce. This is a handy conversion chart which would indicate your pal's 40z of 7% represents 710 calories. Or an hour of non-stop climbing up a hill with a 42 lb backpack.

Another reason for session beer?

Alan -

Or, instead, they could have 40 oz of water into which they have stirred a full cup of refined white sugar.

ethan -

I am flattered! But, as regards the glassware thing, I don't think it's a requirement at all, but I do think that presentation matters. A mason jar will deliver the beer to yr mouth every bit as well as a fancy chalice, no question. But it's fun, for some, to drink from branded and cool-shaped glassware- like the stemmed mason jar my buddy prefers. I see little harm in it. Every industry has its share of foofy foofery for the foof-inclined- and the critics of same. S'all good.

But when we finally design our imperial Scottish-style sour Alt w/ blood-orange glassware, I won't expect an order from Kingston or Albany :)

Jeff Alworth -

Yeah, they should be drinking session beers, but they're Oregonians. You'd quicker get a Bavarian to drink an IPA.

Craig -

Ethan don't ay that I'll gladly accept your free glassware. Do you need a consultation for the logo of your imperial Scottish-style sour Alt w/ blood-orange?

ethan -

Craig, I would gladly hand you the challenge of desigining the logo for that. And we'll need a name for such tomfoolery. Maybe something along the lines of Alistair "Red" MacMüller's Mad Ale.

Ron pattinson -

"You need to buy the glass"

I think you should. Stealing glasses is just, er, stealing.

Alan -

Probably bought less than half my glassware. Swag and promos.

The Beer Simpleton -

Interesting take on why beer itself is not responsible for weight gain. On that line of thinking salads and vegetables would fall into the same category of eating too much will cause weight gain. I'm sure that this is possible in an extreme case, but when is the last time we saw a person with a "salad belly"?

Jimmy B -

How many people down 6 salads in one sitting.

Alan -

Waiter: Sir, surely you have had your fill of the garden salad. You've had four!
Salad drink: Then bring me your finest Caeser and make it a large! [burps vegetatively]
Waiter: [walking away, muttering] What a senseless waste of human life.

Alutins -

Ahh typos. Luxmore: "I tend to choose beers that are made from all barley, rather than corn or rice, because of barley's high silicone content..."
But what about this regarding the meaning of calories:
I would wager that 40 oz of beer requires a lot more energy to metabolize than 40 oz of sugar water. Especially ice-cold beer - how much energy does it take our bodies to warm it up to body temp?