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Craig -

Kind of makes sense why there were 8-12 breweries operating in Beverwijck/Albany during the mid-17th century, huh? It's also make more of a case for Albany being a brewing center far earlier than the mid-19th century, too.

I wonder if Sopus is now the town called Esopus? It's about and hour-and-a-halfish south of Albany in Ulster County.

You can't see it, but I'm smiling now.

Alan -

I think it is Esopus. There was a reference to that in the 1749 document, too.

We should merge your 1600s stuff and mine now for that first article.

Bailey -

Have you got a Dutch-speaking research partner in the Netherlands? Sounds like you need one.

Craig -

Bailey—are you offering?

Bailey -

My Dutch is limited to 'fries, please' and 'thank you'...

Alan -

So, if Bailey spent time in Holland and Ron does now and I did in '86 and Ethan has some connection I have not quite worked out, is there some sort of underlying geeky Dutch thing I have not quite figured out about this blog?

Bailey -

Nope, never been to the Netherlands (not sure why; want to go; even bought a guidebook once) but learned a little 'Dutch' for a trip to Antwerp. Also picked up, while we were there, from aggressive signs in the street, "No dog poop!" ("Geen Hondepoep!")