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Have you read The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer - A Rant in Nine Acts by Alan and Max yet? It's out on Kindle as well as Lulu.

Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Professor Pie-Tin -

I'm going to read this again in the morning when I'm sober.
Because at the moment there are so many links to other blogs in the first couple of pars I really haven't a clue what dear old Alan is trying to say.
Each time I go into a link there's always another one giving me a come-hither look and naturally being a bit of a low-life I always respond to the entreaties and the next thing you know I'm in some online equivalent of a nasty bar on a waterfront in Southern France having said the wrong thing to the wrong person and cudgels are being brandished.
*** backs out of the door wishing he was smarter ***

ethan -

I just hope you're willing to contribute to the recipe for CBW's "Sucker Juice," which will be over the top in all the ways I announced once beofre, years ago- with updates from the new Chinese menu of Sucker Juice ingredients and/or processes (Sadly, we don't have a coolship or airborne yeast of note).

Alan -

Think octagonal tube containers hold cube shaped bottles, too. With a golf goat on a string hanging from the cap.

Craig -

Ethan, airborne yeast is one thing, but the real toughie is passion. Passion doesn't grow on trees, ya' know, and it adds at least a dollar to your mark-up.

Alan -

Spam is why we can't have nice things apparently. I have had to reintroduce moderation on this thread just to disapprove (in the strongest terms, of course) these time wasting links.

Ethan -

craig, all our beers simply reek of passion, are you kidding? We have so much, it's pointless to upcharge on it- it's just all over the damn place. When you stop in for a growler fill, you can scoop a bit up of the floor or really any surface and just plop it in some other, passionless beer when you get home!

Alan -

Does it come in chunky and smoothy, too?

[Bear with me. Locked the comments for a bit. 2 or 5 a minute just now...]