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Jason -

Re: "When you think about it, the good beer buyer in Ontario is really well served by this physical retail reality, the separation of macro beer from the better stuff."

Though the LCBO doesn't (can't?) sell larger packs of beer at a discount the way a 24pk at the Beer Store is cheaper than 4 6pks. LCBO has gotten rid of the Cameron's 9pk and there don't seem to be Creemore 8pks either.

dave -

Is there a game happening at Fenway when you will be eating? The place gets crazy around game time, so unless you are going to a game best to avoid the area (or plan to eat well in advance of said game). I'm trying to think of an inexpensive place around there... I'll have to think some more.

Marshal Wharf Brewing (Belfast, ME) is pretty good from what I have had. My sister really enjoyed The Funky Bow Brewery & Beer Company (Lyman, ME).

Chris -

I am a homebrewer and stopped going to the "Beer Store " many years ago. One of the reasons I started to brew my own was just after I returned from my first vacation to the US. It is even better now with Craft Beer stores in any small town that rival anything the pathetic Beer Store sells.