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Craig -

Endeavor to persevere my friend, endeavor to persevere.

C. Leblanc -

The McAuslan beers have not been personally brewed by the husband and wife team (mostly the wife) for a number of years. Dave has been the brewmaster there for quite a while so I don't forsee many (any) changes because of the sale.

Alan -

You do understand corporate mergers and acquisitions, right, Mr Leblanc?

C.Leblanc -

Sure do - means we might see diversity decrease but quality increase.

Mark -

Taking a quick look at RJ Brewers lineup of beers and online reviews, they aint exactly stellar, just kinda average, so not sure why you think, "we might see diversity decrease but quality increase,"

From the outset, this looks like a relatively small, kinda average brewer is looking for a way to take a huge leap forward by buying a well established and well respected brewery/brand. I would say, "let's wait and see."

Jeff Alworth -

This story is going to repeat itself hundreds of times in the next generation. The founders of new breweries get old and have to look to family members to carry one or, I predict more commonly, will liquidate their resource. It's not always terrible. The new money guys who took over Anchor seem to have actually improved things. But sometimes it will be.