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Ed Carson -

Don't you think the Dutch would have made an "eau de vie" from gruit first, maybe the one with juniper berries or caraway seeds, instead a product imported from their French/Spanish Bourbon overlords?

Alan -

Not sure. Not sure what their level of autonomy was at different points in time. And what about the Hanseatic League??? Which does beg the question of how much data is really required to even speculate. Have you read Unger? The depth of research about shipping and taxation patters which underlay his conclusions about brewing is pretty stunning.

Kyle MacDonald -

Interesting article. The author says that while the arsenic is at low levels, simple measures like washing the kieselguhr with water can remove it. I spoke with a friend in the business and she told me that diatomaceous earth is always rinsed with deaerated water first as this is how it gets applied to the screens before beer is filtered.

Alan -

But apparently not always in Germany if there is residual arsenic in the beer.

Kyle -

True. Obviously the application process is different in some breweries.