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Alan -

Noticed that the can of Keith's Cascade I tried this evening had the "union made" tag line. Maybe they'll swap that for "foreign worker program made" if this all works out for InBevAmBevLabCo or whatever the faceless thing is called now.

Ed -

I added Rogue to my boycott list but I don't think I've ever drunk Labatts. If I do see any I'll make the point of frowning disapprovingly at it before drinking something else though.

Bailey -

'And appreciate, as Nixon now knows, that it is the consumer who defines what is appropriate within the construct of capitalism, not it is not the law or business.'

Yes, exactly. It doesn't operate in a moral vacuum.

Alan -

And yet... I still can't edit a sentence. Try:

"'And appreciate, as Nixon now knows, that it is the consumer who defines what is appropriate within the construct of capitalism, not the law or business."

Ethan -

"Hey, capitalism" isn't some Libertarian battle cry. CBW is employee owned and we intend to stay that way, and I have a long, long history of extremely pro-labor thinking. For what it's worth.

Alan -

I hear you but just pointing out that it is complex and not defined by the existence of businesses but by the existence of markets.

Jeff Alworth -

And it's worth noting that the hated bigs support union jobs. At St Louis over the weekend, and I verified that AB works with unions. Yup. St Louis is badly in need of good jobs, too.

Ethan -

@jeff- support, or tolerate? I suppose ABI might indeed suffer their union employees; Yeungling found a way to break their union and are off my list therefore.

Jeff Alworth -

Ethan, you should actually *talk* to AB. It's not beyond reasoning that a company providing decent jobs in its hometown is proud of it. The casual way in which we dismiss the motives of big breweries, data-free, has got to stop. Hate Bud and Natty Lite, fair enough. But it doesn't indict them on all crimes.

Alan -

Data-free is surely a bit ripe, no? Isn't the more interesting thing how we do or do not bring assumptions and prejudices around these sorts of elements of the brewing business to the discussion as much as we accept marketing spin to or do not buy it?

Me, I used Ethan's line to compare it to another context which is likely a bit unfair. See, to do the dirty on Newfoundlanders is unlike mistreating we mid- and western continentals. Labatt risks losing much by taking this step. It's more than just labour and management. It's a cultural error.