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D$ -

um, sam adams oktoberfest is not a pumpkin beer.

Alan -

Oh, yuk... it's that sweaty thing that lacks pumpkin but you are right... fixing...

Bailey -

Fruit beers (and other novelty beers) have their place, just like there are certain CDs that only get dusted off once every now and then when we're in the mood for some Turkish psychedelic funk. The Belgians know how to use fruit, too, but then a good kriek has the fruit integrated into the beer -- not just used as a colourant.

Alan -

Maybe that's it. I have all the time in the world for a saison with a nod of white pepper but if it was labeled "White Pepper Saison with MORE WHITE PEPPER" I would probably pass it by. I do like a stout with a pinch of blackberry.

Craig -

I will admit to making IPA ice cream.

It's amazing.

Belgique UK -

Wow, I too always thought milk and beer should not mix, yuck. What happened to letting beer just be beer?

Alan -

Wow. This is getting scrappy.

I have to admit that I would not be against the idea of Saison Dupont sorbet style gelato as long as nothing else was added.

Alan -

ATJ is clearly channelling the fat man who missed the train.

Craig -

The key with IPA ice cream is to use the ones that lean citrusy. My personal suggestion is either Southern Tier or Lakefront IPAs. The sugar reduces the bitterness, but the happiness stays. It has a grapefruit/tangerine-ness with a sweet malty, creaminess. It's good stuff.

What's really unique, Belgique, is that the beer still shines through—IPA cream does just let the beer be beer. It's just a lot colder.

I might have to put a post up abut this.

Saveur Bière -

A Karmeliet ice cream ! nothing better !

Ed -

Oktoberfest brews are far from the same category as "fruit" and "pumpkin" beers. Oktoberfest is a traditional Festbier amber lager beer, slightly above average in gravity and alcohol, and a discernible hop bitterness. It is meant to be less heavy and satiating. Pumpkin ales are actually brewed with chunks of pumpkin, but the sweet taste you're experiencing is most likely the added brown sugar. Sam Adams pumpkin is brewed like this, with no added "pumpkin flavoring liquid". Brewing beer with different ingredients is an option that microbrewers thrive on and seasonal beers are easily marketed. They're also very fun to brew!

Alan -

Ed, you are killing me. Do you seriously think after all these years and years of writing about beer I am not aware of all that? And... "Brewing beer with different ingredients is an option that microbrewers thrive on and seasonal beers are easily marketed." Really? You really thought that was a sentence that needed adding to my life?

Fact: all autumnal beers are signs of the coming of death to the living world. That bell? It tolls for you.

Bill Night -

I had an aneurysm last November when the Homebrew Chef column in Beer Advocate advised us to brine our Thanksgiving turkeys in four (4) bottles of Allagash.

Soak a raw turkey in 3 liters of fancy beer and then throw the beer away? That is an insane waste. There was a backlash in the BA forums, but sadly I can't locate those posts any more (just this one where someone brined a turkey with Saison Dupont: http://beeradvocate.com/community/threads/pairing-advice.31488/#post-402356 -- madness).

Sorry I'm weeks late with this comment.