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Pivní Filosof -

For some reason, I think a consolidation of craft breweries is more likely to happen. Sooner or later, bigger players like Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, etc. will start considering acquiring smaller local craft breweries as a sound, and cheaper, way to expand their businesses. But I might be wrong.

dave -

@Pivni: The "consolidation of craft breweries" is how Independent Brewers United Inc started off... Magic Hat and Pyramid consolidated (http://blog.seattlepi.com/whatsontap/2008/04/29/magic-hat-brewing-company-to-acquire-pyramid-brewing/ , which formed IBU), then IBU got purchased by NAB, which is owned by KPS.


Yes, I do believe that is the future of craft brewing. Not all of it, but part of it. Now how quickly will it happen, I'm not sure (though my timeline is over decades then years).


@Alan: Your twitter background, is that your beer cellar?

Alan -

It's what it looked like in 2008 or so. More kept in boxes now. Plus (secret!) more wine in there, too. But it does remind me every day what an excellent idea Christmas saison is.

dave -

There are also distributorship buying/sellings (i.e. http://beerpulse.com/2012/09/report-multi-billionaire-to-buy-top-beer-wholesaler-columbia-distributing/) in America. Not sure how that would effect breweries, but there might be a connection.

About the cellar... nice. I like the pen writing on the wood for "categories".

Alan -

That came with the house. One shelf is also for "jam".