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SomeRandomGuy -

Malt syrup/extract brewing is nothing to be snubbed. Miller Brewing uses hop extract and they seem to be doing ok in the US.

Falls City in Louisville, KY made made Billy Beer for Billy Carter, contract brewing is very common commercially.

At least he's not forbidden by God to drink it like muslims and mormons or an alcoholic who can't handle a drink like George W.

Jeff Alworth -

I will not defend the US in a head-to-head beer bout versus Germany. Nevertheless, this is an unfair comparison. We have no idea how small Merkel's brewery is, or if indeed she even has a brewery. And our leader can drink with the best of them.

Apples to apples, please.

Syrup Home Brewer -

Dude.You know how many homebrewers use extract based recipes? Go check out the homebrew sites and see how many varieties of extract are being sold. Poor and Rich use it and it turns out good. As for Canada... what beer beers do the politicians enjoy from such a GREAT beer culture?

Alan -

He he he. It's so sweet that you care.

Pivní Filosof -

On a lighter note. I wonder what would have happened if Obama had been in a situation like this

Merkel, and pretty much everyone around her, acted as if they've seen something like that happen before....

Anyway, I believe Merkel can drink Obama (and more than a few world leaders) under the table without even breaking a sweat.

Alan -

See, I had no idea that this would become about stakes in a game about continental bravado and pride.

That being said, I am all for the conversation to devolve in that manner.

Jeff Alworth -

Hmmm, "Merkel Laughs At Obama's Tiny Home Brewery"--this seems at least a wee bit like table setting for continental (or at least national) pride. I thought that was the spirit of the thing. But nationalism is a lesser pursuit, I agree.

Alan -

"...laughs at tiny brewery..."

Ya think? ;-)

Jeff Alworth -

I seem to have lunged at your bait.

Alan -

It's only bait if you fear a hook is hidden within.

Uwe -

@pivni. Don't over estimate Mrs Merkel. I don't think she could drink too much. At least she shouldn't...