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Peter Collins -


I think of what you said sometimes as it relates to tattoos as well. Take a trip to a pool or the beach and you'll see sooo many tattoos. It's not so special anymore. I'm the more unique of them because I don't have tattoos.

I'm an avid homebrewer and surrounded by experimentation by other homebrewers. I fall into it occasionally as well but I do still feel that a very well brewed pale ale or pilsner is a real mark of a brewer's skill.

Jeff Alworth -

I think I failed at my basic job as a blogger in that post. What I was really trying to get at is that the fresh hop beer I was describing was unique. In the past, when I've stumbled onto a new style like goes, I had a similar reaction. (Salt and sour--wild). This was like discovering a new style--the flavors were really new to me--but I don't think there's much in the way of historical antecedent.

I don't know--the idea needs work.

Alan -

I don't disagree with your post. It is one of the few real innovations in beer out there because it's not based adding a non-beer ingredient to beer. It's unlike a testicle. It's the simplicity of fresh hopping that makes it unlike other claims to fame.