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Martyn Cornell -

Not the sort of hand grenades you're thinking of - glass hand grendes filled with a fire suppressor http://travelphotobase.com/v/USNY/NYF1860.HTM

Craig -

The orange and tan building in the background is that Taylor building today. Yes it has a U-Haul truck on its roof. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Alan -

Trust you to be a Victorian fire fighting implement nerd, too.

Craig -

Although the Taylor building's fate is not as quite as bad as what happened to the Albany Brewing Company. It's now the parking lot for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Alan -

Here it is from Lord Goog's eye in the sky. That is amazing. Taylor is still on the river 190 years later.

Alan -

Here is a view from across the river. Have you ever been in the building?

Craig -

I have been in it. It looks exactly like a U-Haul store. I was in the DMV parking lot on Monday, too!

Steve Gates -

I found it interesting that the Albany Brewing Company had a bakery co-located within its walls, this is not the first time I've seen this, the brewery had yeast, good water and grains of all types, carts and horses for delivery if necessary, a bakery just made good business sense, 19th century portfolio diversification in a way. Has anyone else ever seen this? Where?