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Troy -


You know me. You know where I work now. We can't afford to to the press junket thing!! Even with people here in Toronto. So, what we'll do - we'll schedule select beer media on a particular day, pick them up in our 1989 Crazy Canuck K-Car, take them to the brewery for samples (have them sign a form saying that they won't sue if they slip on one of our hoses, or fridges) and then we'll buy them pizza for lunch. There, press junket complete :)


Troy -

Oh. Forgot to mention - we'll even invite beer bloggers from Kingston :)

Alan -

Well, that is quite the exposé, young man. Do you regale them with tales of growler collecting, too?

PS: would it kill you to drop off a sample???

Brian J. Papineau -

Troy, I would happily attend the K-Car and pizza junket, and promise not to sue ;)

Alan -

Ah, that is another feature we need. The junket request form.

Craig -

You know where this is headed, don't you? A junket for the junket.

Alan -

Maybe a conference on junket manners sponsored by junket providers?

Craig -

Who's on first?

Jordan St.John -

I want to have a junket consultant to tell me what to wear to dinner in Cambridge, Mass.

Martyn Cornell -

Junket providers? What, you mean these guys?

Alan -

Excellent stuff! For further disclosure, we also had a great FB chat about these ideas - duty and opportunity and such - but I think airing and exploring them is a great thing.

Alan -

Then you find out that it wasn't a special moment at all.