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itslunchtimeca -

This reminds me of patronage in the best sense of the word. The issue would be how to ensure that the beer writing isn't affected negatively by the patronage. It might be easy enough for some association, (i.e. Ontario has the OCB) that could hire/support writers to write articles and reviews about the beer.

Though, I suppose if the brewers want to get the word out especially in terms of educating their customers, it would make sense to hire a good beer writer than a poor marketing company. I am a little ambivalent about this post but think this idea should be explored a little more...

Alan -

I think this is a slightly different thing. I am modestly supported by the OCB but I am thinking more of full patronage for Ron. It's not about giving enough to ensure there is enough to buy beer. Its enough to ensure he can just think about beer full time. I am not suggesting this as a backdoor to helping myself.

Pivní Filosof -

To play the Devil's advocate. Part of the blame is Ron's (and the other people involved in this sort of project). They do this kind of thing because they would love to do it themselves at home, but they can't. It's mostly a passion thing. Or so it seems.

That said, brewers should at least offer to pay them a cut of the earnings from these beers.