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Laurel Dempsey -

Alan, the bears are nearer than you think. Four bears shot last week, the nearest to you on the Bellrock Road

Alan -

In the mid-90s, after a dry summer leading to fewer berries, they came out of the woods and right into our old Ottawa valley hometown. A friend opened their back door to find one in his pool!

Steve Gates -

Alan, What is the history behind the black bears that would visit your town in the early part of the 20th centiry as part of a circus sideshow and one of their tricks was to drink several bottles of beer, I have photos originating from Madoc that show exactly that, the bear would then do other tricks such as climb a telephone pole or sit at a table and chair. What is this business of bears and beer? Does anyone know the facination and where it originated.? I have also seen vintage photo cards from Schlitz Brewery depicting bears drinking beer, is this the origins?

Alan -

Beer drinking bears in Madoc? And here I thought life was slow up there. Maybe it is as simple as a bear on beer was a happy bear?