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Curmudgeon -

You are sadly deluded if you think there's any chance legislators will draw a distinction between "good" and "bad" beer - it's all alcohol to them.

Alan -

Oh, I am sure they will. Your lack of trust is simply shocking.

Robin -

Darker malts are better than pale malt? I would have guessed the opposite to be true.

Alan -

Isn't that where the antioxidants are found? Remember the dogs of 2002.

Robin -

Yes, I had read that 2002 article but I guess I was thinking of a later study that showed the formation of high levels of the carcinogen acrylamide when carbohydrates are heated above 120C.This would include cereal grains like malted barley and of coarse darker malts see more kilning at higher temperatures.


Alan -

Not that I am quibbling over science but I believe beer should not be heated above 120C.