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Jordan St.John -

If we get to 10 PM and they haven't called Ohio, I don't think anyone wants to be sober for that.

Alan -

So maybe that is a game but, still, that would be a game that starts at 10 pm and ends at 10:23 pm.

Alan -

David Frum linked to this story of George Washington buying votes with rum. Reminded me of Nova Scotia in the 1970s.

Jeff Alworth -

The polls are closed in Indiana--let the games begin!

I am my usual wreck, fearing the worst. (In my nightmares it's always 2004.) It would be far more pleasant to watch from your side of the border.

In our world-watch update, based on casual conversation and TV news, I would say Italy is very interested, Czech totally disinterested, and Germany somewhat. My economist friend writes from Brazil where they have Italy-level interest.

Alan -

I am not saying I have live blogged an election in Belize but I would not be against it.

Jeff Alworth -

Belize! When I was hanging with Max in Prague, he gave me a great overview of Czech politics. Very interesting. Definitely live-blog Czech.

Alan -

I worked in Poland in 1991 and pals were in what is now Slovakia all as pro-democracy teachers of English as the curtain slowly lifted. I got to teach my high school kids about what democratic voting meant, including the opportunities for corruption. They were attentive until I compared General Jaruzelski to Roy Orbison and one national class weight-lifting kid who ate pasta all class told me I was just being rude. I would have no idea how to live blog Poland.

Jeff Alworth -

I had a college girlfriend who did a year abroad in Hungary in 1987. She went for no particular reason and at the time I had no particular interest in the region. But her trip was a revelation to both of us and one of my great regrets is that I never got to see communist states real time.

I headed to Czech with this in my brain, hoping to at least get a whiff of the old communist aroma. What I found, of course, was a country striated with the centuries of history. The communist era was the most recent, but when you see statues to Churchill, buildings from the rule of churches, empires, and royals, you see that this is a region familiar with foreign rule. In a way, we Americans try to aggrandize ourselves by looking for gray old communists. Czech, though, is far bigger than that.

Hell, I never could master the pronunciation of "thank you"--live-blogging is certainly beyond me. But I'd happily read Max's!