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Gary Gillman -

I like the one from Brooklyn Brewery, so far that is my choice for No. 1. The gleaming, high-tech cylindro-conicals are contrasted with barrels which look as if they rolled out of the 1800's. The modernity of the fermenters is highlighted by the weird greenish-gold glow at the top of each - almost a sci-fi effect - but the patina of age on the solid wooden barrels evokes just as well the old traditions of wood casks, racking and storage with nature's help. The yin and yang sums up everything you need to know about craft brewing, which is that it is an amalgam of new and old.


Alan -

Breaking news. Atis is not Swiss. He is Latvian.

Craig -

In Atis' defense, you did say "Correct me if I am wrong..."

Jeff Alworth -

Including commentary with photos? Now you're just getting soft.

Alan -

I'm sitting here with bloody stumps and you are giving me the gears about making one Latvian happy at Christmas???