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The Beer Nut -

"I liked it" (or "I didn't like it") is the only really important bit of a beer review. That, and whether or not you were girl-drink drunk.

Bailey -

Yes, what the Beer Nut said.

Hierarchy of information in a review:

1. Did the reviewer like it?
2. What are its key characteristics? E.g. dark/light, strength, hoppy/malty.
3. Then specific flavours/aromas. (Though these are generally so subjective as to be useless, except as a form of entertainment.)

Alan -

What? No #4: how distracted was the reviewer by (1) the late 1980s DVD that was on; (2) the noise of the festival; (3) his irritation at how much the beer cost?

Bailey -

Oh, and #5: full disclosure on whether it was free, delivered in a basket of woven gold, etc.

Alan -

Or #5b, received as part of an utterly upside down bit of brewery begging for unpaid ads weirdly couched in an accusation against freebies.

E.S. Delia -

Nods to The Beer Nut's mention of Foley's Girl-Drink Drunk; what a great skit. The beer-gut competition between Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch is also classic!