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Martyn Cornell -

Here's an interesting take on online beer discussion in US v Germany, though I'd like to see same analysis for UK, France & Italy and I don't agree with the conclusion about the Reinheitsgebot being the reason for the lack of German beer bloggers: much more that Germans take "good" beer for granted, while Americans (and Canadians?) don't http://bit.ly/L67mfL

Knut -

The Germans view beer as a staple food, which is nothing to get exited about, and not worth blogging about. In other countries, beer blogging takes off when the choice gets wider. Nothing to do with the Reinheitsgebot.
Back to Alan's main post: There is always room for one more with a distinct voice. We want to read more about beer history in Central Europe and the beer scene outside the OECD countries.

Ethan -

I think, depending on what you meant, that this in Point 1: "Interestingly, Facebook has really not imposed itself on beer thought." is in opposition to Point 4: Facebook is my Beer Info aggregator, or at any rate one of them. From BeerPulse to the BuffaloBeerGeeks group, much of my info comes through it; it's my confirmation-bias filter.