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Alan -

Humbugs? Sometimes that is the very thing if the moment is right. More of a chicken bones man myself when snow shoveling.

Craig -

Session #64: The Humbug Moment

Alan -

Or maybe the Sponge Toffee moment.

Craig Walker -

I think Pete Brown means that most UK beer drinkers don't really care about what they drink. But it ispretty hard to be certain given his convoluted prose.

broadfordbrewer -

Hi Alan, rather than fill your comments section up (too much), here is my <a href=" http://broadfordbrewer.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/blogging-my-spleen/">attempt</a> at trying to show you that I have read your blog post, and that a 140 character Twitter response, late at night, was not the way for me to give my thoughts on your interpretation of Pete's 'Session' theme. I rather hurriedly responded to your Tweet, and did so due to panicking at the thought of your blog persona being sullied by my throw-away-comments. However, I still don't understand your take on the theme which was "The Beer Moment". I can see that the way in which Pete phrased some of his introduction post is inflammatory, but cutting through this, the essence of the post was for bloggers to interpret the premise and share their thoughts. Of course I can't argue that your post is an interpretation of this, but my opinion is that your post is as also a throw-away-comment to the effect that "this is all silly, why don't you all stop having fun". Well fair enough, but please don't respond to me with an accusation of making an "unfounded slur". My words were glib, but read "Alan may be having a tough time...angry at beer....angry at people enjoying beer...generally angry". You wrote that "there is no beer moment" and "Beer does not change the moment even when it is present"? You chose your line of response to Pete's post and I would suggest you knew how people might take it. Is this fair comment? Thanks, David (apologies for any bad feeling caused, and I look forward to further discussion on this, based on what I've written.

Alan -

Thanks for that. I do think "generally angry" is a slur but that is really kind of you to write so fully in response.

The thing is I really do not think there is a beer moment. I think there are moments. Read what I wrote again about moments. Beer can be in that moment but it is the moment that makes a moment. Searching for the beer in a moment can make you miss the moment.

I am thinking that maybe silly is a stronger word in Pete's vocabulary than mine.

broadfordbrewer -

Ok, but no slur intended and I really should think properly before I Tweet. I do understand what you are saying, but I guess I'm just a little puzzled as to why you joined in with this Session? Maybe a bad analogy, but I don't think much to battle re-enactment. I don't deny that a battle or war was fought on a given date and in a given location, but if I made a special effort to attend their meeting to re-enact the battle of the Somme and told them it was pointless and that they looked silly, I reckon they would fix bayonets and charge me :)

Joe Stange -

I don't know, Alan. I mean, really, I don't know; I've read your post a few times and still don't get what you were trying to say. Pete's theme was pretty wide open to interpretation, so to reject "beer moments" as something non-existent just looks to be provocative.

"Beer does not change the moment even when it is present within it."

A moment is not the same thing as a second ticking by on the clock. It implies an event, a memory or a feeling, and I would think it includes context... where were you, what were you doing, who else was there?

So how can someone who likes a beer now and then say that beer does not change the moment for him?

After each of my kids were born, in hospital rooms in two very different countries, we had a celebratory lunch. At each of those two lunches we popped a bottle of 3 Fonteinen Gueze. You don't think that affected the moment? If you tell me those weren't "beer moments," because they were just "moments," then I think you're the one being a bit "silly" just to provoke.

Alan -

I understand that could be the take away, Joe, but consider this:
- if there are also "pie moments" (and I am quite sure there are) a beer moment is the same thing. Beer does not reflect a purer higher sense of experience or moment for me. It usually would reflect the "feet up, important time is done" moment actually.
- I really was also thinking more about moments than beer. The moment is really important to me for a number of reasons these days. It was an honest focus and, BFB, one that I reserve to discuss through the Session as my option. There is no permission slip needed to play along as each see fit. Plus I have written for them all and have no plan to stop.
- I had no idea there was such a strong emotional connection in others to the idea of a beer moment. It is not a pre-existing concept for me. For example, I have the bottle of champagne from my eldest's baptism in my stash on a shelf with the label signed by all in attendance. That was not a moment, for me, related to drink at all even though we drank the bottle. It was a moment in life.
- I make no claims to have written what I wrote well. I am reluctant to go back and edit things for the purpose of framing my failings as much as my thoughts.
- I also had no idea saying something is "just silly" was an insult but maybe it is outside of my culture. For me it is a diminutive indicating familiarity as a lead in to a disagreement. A smiley face emotion in words.

So... a learning moment? Why not. But I fundamentally do not care either about what I wrote or what Pete did as he is a very fine fellow and I am not always easy to follow. I am 49 now and have been like that forever as I am sure Pete has always been quite a good Pete. As I wrote in Pete's comments "let us leave it that we used each other to illustrate each others points. But in doing so we made each others points more difficult to see for ourselves." I really think that is all that happened.

Joe Stange -

I like pie moments too.

Jorge -

Hmmm... I don't know... I think I know what you are trying to say, but I was shocked to have read this post after reading a bunch of others...

Sounds almost like the beer moment to you is just satisfying a craving of the moment the same way you would a cigarette, coffee, etc... sure those are moments on their own, and in a way it's good that you stand your ground and don't have to agree with everyone else... props to you for that...

I used to smoke when I was in the Navy... stationed in WA, a 'smoke break' down by the coffee shack in an early overcast chilly morning was a moment similar to what I think of the beer moment... but it's not the same... for one it was more the coffee and getting away from 'work'... getting away period...

But beer to me is more universal... sure many wrote about the moment after work, and getting away from that... but there is more to it than that... at least for me...

Beer has grown in me in a way coffee, cigarettes, hot wings - and other things I crave often - just won't...

It sends a rush of emotions other things don't...

Call the beer moment silly, but to me beer does change the moment in a way I can only wish others could experience... if it doesn't for you, well I'm not here to change that... do as you wish... though, it makes me think this blog could just as well be called "A Good Anything Blog", sad...

Alan -

Now that is really silly - demanding I fall into lock step with your experiences to qualify to do what I've been doing for almost a decade. Try this - do what you like. I will do that same thing.