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Ethan -

Is the last beer "London Do"? What the heck is *that*?

Is the switch from wheat to barley only a matter of taste? Barley is a far easier grain to work with from the process point of view; as well, wheat makes better bread. If there was increasing pressure on the wheat growers due to population growth, perhaps the change was a matter of both factors- the changing culture & tastes, and the need for more bread? Pure speculation, of course.

Alan -

"Do" is ditto. You see it a lot in older newspaper ads. With repetitious lists of wholesale goods.

My belief is that the Dutch ways included wheat while barley is more English-speaking. I had no idea until recently how Dutch pre-1776 Albany and the upper Hudson was. The fact that NYC down river was a Loyalist outpost would have accentuated the bubble effect. Not sure if there would have been anything like a early Dutch newspaper that would illustrate this. All speculation but the special culture of the Dutch to NY state seems to me more and more like French Quebec in Canada except the language was not preserved.