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Martyn Cornell -

The last strawberry-pink pint mug of the sort Orwell was talking about that I bought cost me, IIRC, £25 (C$40) six or seven years ago in an antique shop in Lewes, Sussex. They're much plainer than your rather lovely mug: completely straight sides, white interior and plain white strap handle. They also come in light blue and a sort of sandy khaki. All will have the verification mark - crown, royal cipher and inspector's number - etched in the glaze. perhaps it's my association of china/pottery mugs with hot drinks, but to me, beer is vastly better out of a glass.

Bailey -

We're keeping half an eye out for a strawberry pink one. Not keen enough to hunt one down, but if we stumble upon one, we're having it.

Ed -

I've tried fininding one too but no success yet.

Chris Schryer -

Lovely mug, and funny enough, one I've seen lots of pictures of today on the web, while looking for any info on a pewter mug I just bought at an antique shop outside Peterborough. It's a pint, and has a pot mark that reads "Murra" which I assume is an incomplete "Murray", but as to whom and when this Murra might be I can find no information. I suspect the Pewter Society's database could help me out, but damned if I'll pay thirty quid to discover my mug is a 1980's replica. For now, I'm just going to enjoy it filled with pints of cask at Castro's, pray against lead poisoning, and take it home with me, just in case it's really really old...... Even if it's a dud, for $20, it does serve a love drop of ale.

Alan -

We should create the "Canadian Society For Mixing Ale And Lead" for these things. I have yet to drink from mine. More that I have yet to see the moment to have a 1.2 litre tipple.