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Thomas -

It also doesn't include Indian Tribe land which makes those counties in Northeastern corner of Arizona officially dry though the county has no opinion on the matter. So that factored in would change this map as well.

Gary Gillman -

The area seems broadly to encompass the whiskey belt, an area that stretched from parts of New York State through to PA, Kentucky, Tennessee, the other historic parts of the south and parts of the southwest. It would be interesting to compare a similar map from the 1950's. I'd guess the same general area was involved but with much fuller coverage. And this reflects IMO the Janus-face whiskey always had in this region. I.e., while prized by some as an authentic product of the soil, useful if not abused and indeed emblematic of certain traditions (e.g., the Mint Julep), many viewed it as a destructive of community and its values, not just certain denominations of churches although they were prominent in the struggle for Prohibition, certainly leading up to the period of 1919 when total Prohibition started. I think the areas where alcohol is still banned completely, almost always rural areas, still reflect this old mistrust of alcohol.